Soul Studio

Natural Dye Kit: Bundle Dye (Yellows/Oranges)


Create your own Naturally Dyed Silk Scarf at home using our beginner friendly kit. Eco-printing/Bundle-Dyeing is a fun and artistic approach to the world of natural dyes.

Kit Includes:

  • One Pre-Mordanted (ready to dye) Silk Twill Scarf (16x16") or Raw Silk Noil Scarf (18x18")
  • Dried Floral and Leaf Mix (seasonal)
  • Osage Orange (Wood)
  • Pomegranate Powder
  • Black Tea 
  • Printed Instructions

 *You will need basic household items to complete this and a stainless steel pot*

Your scarf will be one of a kind, results vary based on your preferences and how you follow the instructions. (ranging in yellow-orange to earthy tones)

*Scarfs shown are the "Twill Option" Raw Silk is more similar to cotton in texture. Please note Raw Silk will have raw edges and Silk Twill Scarf has hand stitched edges.

Ships from Austin, TX