Here's how it works:

  1. Sign up below! It only costs $20 to receive an At Home Pop Up delivery (which will be refunded later on!). We'll also ask you a few brief questions about your preferences for what we include.
  2. We'll pack and ship 3-4 sustainable fashion and accessory items we think you'll love. Also, we'll include a return label for step #4!
  3. Once delivered, you can try everything on, ask your quarantine buddy what they think, Zoom a friend for their opinion, and decide which items you love! 
  4. Anything you don't love, you can send back to us using the prepaid label provided.
  5. Once we receive the package, we'll charge you only for what you kept + tax (less the $20 initial payment)!

Note: If we don't hear from you in 14 days (don't worry, we'll send reminders!), we'll charge you for the full amount that was shipped, same if there was any damage to the items returned.

Have a question? FAQs are below the sign up portal!



Q: Is this a recurring monthly subscription?
A: Nope! An At Home Pop Up is a one time delivery so you can try before you buy. 

Q: I'm only interested in one specific item, but am between sizes and want to try on both. Can I request to do this in my At Home Pop Up?
A: Yes, totally! There will be an opportunity in the sign up process to write-in if you'd like a specific item included in the delivery, or if you'd like two different sizes of the same item.

Q: Help! The 14 day period ends tomorrow, but delivery was delayed and I don't want to be charged the full amount!
A: No worries! Just shoot us an email at and we'll extend your At Home Pop Up duration. 

Q: Can I still use my promo code with an item I want to keep from the At Home Pop Up?
A: We can send sale items and honor sale prices if the item is already marked down, but cannot apply additional promo codes designated for online sales during an At Home Pop Up.

Q: Package waste is really important to me. How can I expect these items to be shipped?
A: All our items ship with 100% recycled and 100% recyclable mailers. Our shipping labels are 100% recycled and 100% recyclable; even the release liner is recyclable!

Q: I'm nervous to try on or handle clothing given COVID-19. What safety measures are you taking?
A: While there are no specific guidelines for clothing retailers, our practice is to completely steam all garments prior to shipping and restocking. Even silk and delicate fabrics are steamed thoroughly at temperatures of 200F, which is believed to be sufficient to kill COVID-19 virus based on known data regarding other viruses like flu, which are killed at 167F (source: CDC). Additionally, our fulfillment personnel wears gloves while packing and handling garments. Based on current guidance, we have no reason to believe that our processes are ineffective against COVID-19.

Don't see you question listed here? Shoot us an email at!