We take great care in sourcing brands for SENSE of SHELF and are committed to providing you with eco and ethical styles that are fashionable and priced reasonably. Our four step due diligence process includes:
  1. Initial Conversation - Our first step involves an introductory conversation to screen for high-level commitments to eco and ethical practices. Not every company defines sustainability the same, so this is essential to make sure we're on the same page. For example, a brand that commits to carbon offsetting and 1% pledges, but does not use low-impact materials or pay fair wages will not make it past step one.
  2. Deep Dive - Only after brands pass the initial screening do we do a deep dive at the product level. We cover the four stages of a garment's life 1) raw material sourcing 2) fabric production 3) garment production and 4) end of life. We require this for each unique material type used. 
  3. Follow Up - There are usually a few points we want to clarify after the deep dive. This is also a great time to ask for additional information, certifications, photos, etc. As you might imagine, transparency is a must! Unwillingness to share information or to produce receipts when asked is a red flag.
  4. Decision - There is no such thing as a perfectly sustainable garment. After all, everything created and maintained requires resources. Recognizing this fact, we decide whether we're comfortable with the total impact of the garment before giving it the green light to be added to the site.

Just because a brand makes it on to SENSE of SHELF, doesn't mean they have carte blanche. We continue to evaluate new product offerings and keep in close contact.

We'll never pretend to be perfect. Read about our philosophy here...