Starting with a small collection of vintage quilt scraps and earnestness to honor the current and past matriarchs who had great influence on the designer, Kristen Bowen's life, she was sparked with the idea to create whimsical but sustainable comfort. Bowen's great-grandmothers, grandmother, Great Aunt and mother, all had mad skills when it came to sewing, quilting and crafting. By making one-of-a-kind, up-cycled pieces, this appeared the right avenue to honor their legacies. 

Pud's is named after Kristen's Great Aunt 'Pud' (real name was Eloise but preferred to go by her nickname) As her grandpa's sister, Aunt Pud got her hooked on Shirley Temple movies, sewing pot holders, and had the best driveway to roller skate down. Yippy!

Made just outside of Raleigh, North Carolina, Pud's is full of tradition, resourcefulness, integrity, and passion to make fashion sustainable to save future generations from the climate burden of fast-fashion.

SoS loves Pud’s for their commitment to honoring the slow and artful process of upcycling by hand. Plus we love their commitment to organic made-in-the-USA cotton.