Mo.Na. Gems

Aqua Seaglass



We wear Seaglass because we don’t like sticking to the rules. Seafoam is dark, moody, and dreamy. It embodies the duality of rocky shores and sparkling seas. Seafoam pairs perfectly with martinis, spontaneous getaways, stargazing, and a musky fragrance. 

  • 100% biodegradable gems made from a starched based bioplastic
  • Handcrafted in New York
  • BIPOC-owned and woman-owned brand

These gems are 100% biodegradable and no two pairs are the same. Just as all things in nature are unique, you too will shine when iced out in our gems.

Care instructions
Since these gems are made from organic material, exposing them to excessive moisture will start and accelerate the decomposition process. Avoid excessive moisture and if you get them wet, make sure to dry them off! It's best to store your gems in the container that you received them to help preserve their quality and integrity.

Please note: this item ships from New York