Pottery Piece Necklace

$120 $160

The Pottery Piece Necklace is an ode to the artist in all of us. Studio and RISD degree not required. Pendant measures 1.25” and is sure to stand out amongst your other pieces.

  • 20” gold plated brass chain
  • Handmade in North Carolina
  • Female owner and designer

Care Instructions:

Your piece was handmade and finished, therefore delicate in nature. Please treat it with care to improve its longevity. Do not swim, bathe, or shower in your jewelry and avoid unnecessary exposure to heat and moisture.

I LIKE IT HERE CLUB is a fine and demi-fine jewelry line created by designer and goldsmith Yeager in Wilmington, NC. Named after her grandfather Fred's morale-boosting club as a young soldier in WWII, each heirloom piece is handmade with the intention of reminding the wearer that they like it here, wherever that may be.

SoS loves I LIKE IT HERE CLUB because each piece is handmade in the USA and because the brand promotes positive energy, adventure, and reflection.